CIRIECSTAT, now available in English


The Statistical Website of the Social Economy, CIRIECSTAT, is now also available in English, which will enhance the reach, visibility, and understanding of the statistics of the Spanish social economy for a global and diverse audience.

With this English version, CIRIECSTAT also aims to facilitate collaboration with international organizations, universities, and researchers, promoting the exchange of knowledge and statistical resources.

Students and scholars from around the world who do not speak Spanish will be able to understand and use the data for comparative studies, research, and educational projects, improving the interoperability and global use of these data.

The publication of the Statistical Website of the Social Economy in English is also motivated by the fact that, according to the director of CIRIECSTAT, Ángel Soler, “we had detected that a considerable number of visits to the Statistical Website come from outside Spain and the Latin American region, so we saw an even greater need to make all content comprehensible to our non-Spanish-speaking users.”

Additionally, the English Statistical Website facilitates the work of Spanish-speaking researchers who wish to access information in another language.

Historical Series

The English version of CIRIECSTAT coincides with the recent implementation of a new statistical data viewer in the environment of the Historical Series of the social economy. The launch of this new interactive tool, based on a relational database, allows researchers and the public to make customized queries about cooperatives and labour societies, and generate specific data sets that can be downloaded in the desired format.

Besides its academic interest, the portal also serves as a pedagogical function for students and non-experts in Economics, as CIRIECSTAT provides definitions and a glossary of concepts, in Spanish and English, facilitating the understanding of published figures and their importance.

For the Chairman of CIRIECSTAT, Professor José Luis Monzón, with the new English version of CIRIECSTAT, alongside the Spanish version, “the reach and usefulness of the data are significantly expanded, facilitating access and use on an international level, and benefiting multiple audiences.” “With this,” Monzón continues, “the Statistical Website consolidates itself as an essential tool for researchers worldwide, academics, policymakers, and anyone interested in understanding the magnitude and contribution of the social economy in all areas.”

CIRIECSTAT is a project of CIRIEC-Spain in collaboration with the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia, the University Institute of Social Economy, Cooperativism and Entrepreneurship (IUDESCOOP), and the CIDEC documentation centre. It is sponsored by the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy.